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  • Specialized Raft Foundations 

    Specialized Raft Foundations are currently the front runner in a new method of raft construction, where groundworks (compaction) are replaced by the use of…

  • Green Building 

    To ensure the clients are exposed to a variety of green building opportunities and products, established relationships with different environmental and…

  • Contact Us Civil, Structural and Green Building Consultants is a vibrant and experienced Engineering company providing specialist expertise on environmental and…

  • 4 MI per day Water Treatment Plant 

    The 4 MI per day upflow plant is supplying 4Ml/day potable water to the local community of approximately 40 000 people in Dwaleni and Kabokweni...

  • 3m3 per hr Water Treatment 

    The 3m3 per hr Water Treatment Plant purifies water for a personnel village of 450 people. Can be used with any size development

  • Mobile Water Treatment 

    A Portable Upflow Plant addresses the need for instant potable water in case of natural disaster and/or cholera...

  • Gabion Baskets 

    Gabion Guru for One Stop service with FREE and accurate quotes and cost estimates, Professional planning and design, SUPPLY of Gabion baskets, mattresses and…

  • Suspended Concrete Eco Slab 

    Eco lightweight concrete slab for multi storey buildings cost effective and efficient way of insulating buildings and improving energy efficiency in buildings

  • Gallery 

    Images of projects designed by Civil and Structural Engineers and construction projects completed by Gabion Guru

  • Civil, Structural and Eco-Friendly Design and Construction 

    Civil, Structural,Environmental, Eco-Friendly and Green Building Consultants. Design and Construction of earth retaining structures

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