To ensure the clients are exposed to a variety of green building opportunities and products, established relationships with different environmental and green building material suppliers. also constantly explores new green building innovations and environment friendly solutions for the handling of waste products.

An example is the possibility to convert waste material such as manure or sewage, municipal waste and energy crops into bio-gas, a type of bio-fuel that is a product of the anaerobic digestion, or fermentation of biodegradable materials and can be used for electricity production, water and process heating.


Anaerobic Digester

Anaerobic Digester

ANAEROBIC DIGESTER: Digesters are installed below the surface and treat farm wastes or energy crops.

Backed-up with professional consultancy, design and supervision services, can offer such solution anywhere required.

Relationships already established with companies and suppliers of innovative environment friendly and energy efficient building material includes:


1. Expanded Polystyrene Energy Efficient Green Building Material

With ever increasing building costs, the requirement for rapid building and greater awareness of energy conservation as an important aspect of building design, expanded polystyrene (EPS) is becoming increasingly used in modern day construction. Available products custom research paper include under floor insulation, insulated concrete form walling, energy efficient suspended slab system, Retrofit exterior thermal insulation wall cladding for existing buildings,. The products comply with the requirements of environmentally friendly building practices.

Some of the attributes of EPS includes Thermal insulation, Sound insulation, Lightweight, Moisture resistant, Fire resistant, Safe to use, Long lasting, Versatile and Cost competitive.

Energy Efficient Green Building

Energy Efficient Green Building

The following products were used for this Double Storey residence (right)

Under floor insulation, insulated concrete form walling, energy efficient suspended slab system.

All the components are lightweight and can easily be installed without cranes, lifting equipment or excessive labour.

The energy efficient slab system is approximately 35% lighter than competitive concrete rib and block systems. This equates to a saving of about 150kg/m2.

Energy Efficient Suspended Floor System

Energy Efficient Suspended Floor System

Energy Efficient Suspended Floor System (left)

2. Water Borehole Drilling & Water Installation Services

The following services can be rendered in the Lowveld of Mpumalanga in co-operation with Agriwater and Steyn Drilling Contractors

1. Borehole yield and water quality testing.

  • 6 to 72 hour tests
  • Static, dynamic and recovery water levels recorded
  • Test done according to SABS and DWAF specifications

2. Design, Supply and Installation

  • irrigation systems
  • sewer reticulation systems
  • water reticulation systems
  • septic tank systems
  • biogas septic tank systems
  • Solar – pumps, heating and power systems
  • flow meters
  • water softeners
  • water treatment and purification plants
  • water pressure systems for household and industrial applications
  • Level control systems for reservoirs, conventional and telemetric.
  • Reservoirs, tanks from 100 l to 500 000 l.
  • all types of pumps for above systems
  • All types of pipes and pipe fittings

3. Specialized Water Management

  • Management of boreholes by regulating yield and pressure.
  • Water quality testing and quality certificates.
  • Sewer and grey water management.
  • Lime removal and ph stabilization

4. Maintenance of:

  • solar systems
  • sewer reticulation systems
  • water reticulation systems
  • irrigation installations
  • borehole pumps, shaft driven & submersible.

5. General construction services

  • water and sewer reticulation
  • tank stands
  • concrete works
  • Pre-cast manholes and line markers

6. Value added services

  • Geotechnical Surveys

We are equipped to provide a Geotechnical Investigation Service in co-operation with a Geotechnical Engineer

  • Piling

We are equipped to provide a complete piling service including drilling (auger) up to 600mm diameter, reinforcing, concreting and testing, all according to the relevant requirements and specifications

  • Water borehole drilling

The need for water is growing constantly because tourism in general is on the rise, development of rural areas are booming and the agricultural sector is turning more and more to industrialisation. This means that our industry will be in the forefront of the developing process. The state of the economy will be the most influential factor in how many people will benefit from this growth envisaged by the governmenta��s initiatives.

  • Pump testing and maintenance

All pumps can be tested in our in-house testing facility for both yield and pressure performance

Water borehole drilling

3. General Information

The glacier mass in Greenland increased by an alarming 400% since 2004. Up until this time, the glacier mass lost 50 to 100 cubic kilometers a year. This accelerated to 300 cubic kilometers a year. The researchers measured ice melt with ultra-sensitive Global Positioning System (GPS) stations located in the mountains and along the ice cap.

Curtailment of energy consumption and awareness of what contribution can be made to reduce global warming is every individuala��s responsibility. Gallery