We offer the following comprehensive services:

1. A�Site visit and accurate and FREE quotations

2. A�Professional Planning and design

Planning and design

Site is surveyed and professional layout and planning done










3. A�Supply of gabion baskets, gabion mattresses and geotextile

4. A�Construction of gabion structures

#Gabion Baskets Retaining Wall









5. A�Project management and on site training

4.5m High #Gabion #retaining wall constructed at a 6 degree batter

What are Gabion Baskets?

Gabion Baskets used with geotextiles are wire mesh boxes, containers or baskets filled with rock to prevent soil erosion and to retain/contain soil particles. Gabion baskets and geotextiles used together reduce water velocities and re-capture river bed sediment in streams. Flat Gabion Baskets, called River or Reno Mattresses are widely used in river courses where soil erosion is a problem over a wide flat area and a large area needs to be protected against soil loss/scour.

Gabions are used mostly in the civil engineering industry especially in the construction of roads, however recently due to their environmental benefits are being used in many various applications and industries.






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For advice and FREE quotation on the best gabion basket or river mattress solution, including Architectural gabions for aesthetically pleasing features.

We also do planning to construct river training structures such as groynes, to prevent erosion of river embankments


On site training to construct gabion retaining wall

Gabion wall construction - water retaining structure

Gabion wall construction – water retaining structure

Positioning of geosynthetic clay liner

Positioning of geosynthetic clay liner

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Gabion retaining wall and erosion protection structure

Gabion retaining wall and erosion protection structure

Gabion Baskets and River Mattresses are supplied Class A galvanized or with an extra PVC coating to prevent corrosion of the steel wire in corrosive situations.

Hexagonal woven mesh netting is offered and used over River Mattresses for large areas of protection and for rock-fall mesh netting.

Geotextiles are used between all Gabion baskets and soil to prevent the movement of soil particles through the gabion or mattress structure, horizontally or vertically and thus preventing subsequent subsidence or failure.

Bio-degradeable soil blankets are permiable fabrics used to prevent soil erosion on steep slopes, reducing soil water loss and support seedling root development. These products degrade over a time period, providing nitrogen to the new plants roots.

Impermeable liners are membranes which can be used to make gabion baskets impermeable to water at low cost, normally used alongside a geotextile for protection when placed next to the gabion structure.

Sub-soil Pipes Often slotted sub-soil drainage pipes become necessary where soils need to be kept dry, near roads, sports fields, parking areas and even on golf courses during wet periods. Available in different diameters when required under different conditions. These products have a high wall stiffness (to prevent collapse during compaction) and are available as follows:-

  • Standard Lengths are 6m or 50m coils
  • Diameters available are 75, 100 and 160mm

Yellow line marks the direction to orientate pipe correctly.
Accessories are available to facilitate 45 or 90 degree bends.
Fin drain materials are available for keeping walls dry.
Access boxes are also available.

Sub-soil pipes reduce the level of the water table in an area so that foundations of buildings, roads and walls remain dry. We offer sub-soil pipes and geotextile combinations so that the installations on site progress rapidly.

Standard Sizes

All measurements are in metres, (length x width x height)

Gabion Baskets

1x1x1 a�� 1mA?
2x1x1 a�� 2mA?
3x1x1 a�� 3mA?
4x1x1 a�� 4mA?
1x1x0.5 a�� 0.5mA?
2x1x0.5 a�� 1mA?
3x1x0.5 a�� 1.5mA?
4x1x0.5 a�� 2mA?
6x2x0.5 a�� 6mA?
1.5x1x1 a�� 1.5mA?
2A�0.5A�0.5 a�� 0.5mA?
4A�0.5A�0.5 a�� 1mA?
Normally costed each or per mA?

River Mattresses

2x1x0.3 a�� 0.6mA?
3x1x0.3 a�� 0.9mA?
4x1x0.3 a�� 1.2mA?
6x2x0.17 a�� 2.04mA?
6x2x0.23 a�� 2.76mA?
6x2x0.30 a�� 3.60mA?
Normally costed each, per mA? or m2

Gabion Baskets Specifications

Our Gacion Baskets are made from Class A galvanized mild tensile steel wire in accordance with the SANS 675 specification. The baskets and mattresses are manufactured in strict accordance with the SANS 1580 and site installations are also in accordance with the latest SANS 1200 specification, contact us for further information about this.

Our Gabion Basket mesh is hexagonal in shape meeting with the 80A�100 mm mesh aperture for gabions with a mesh wire of 2.7mm and selvedge wire of 3.4mm diameter. We also supply welded mesh gabion material.

River Mattresses also have a hexagonal mesh spec. of 80A�100mm with 2.5mm mesh wire and 3.0mm selvage wire diameter where to buy nolvadex with paypal. , these are also referred to as gabions. All gabions and mattresses use a 2.20mm wire diameter lacing wire which is supplied with the baskets and used to lace together the mesh panels during the installation process, also sometime referred to as Binding wire. We also supply bracing rds for the bracing of the cages, with a 3.4mm diameter. It allows for much quicker installations.

Mattresses and gabion baskets are also available with an additional 0.5mm nominal thickness P.V.C. coating extruded over the Class A galvanised (Zinc) coating in all cases to enhance the resistance of the baskets to corrosion of the wire mesh in corrosive environments. This provides an overall increase in diameter of 1mm to all wires used in the manufacturing process. generally the design life of the PVC coated materials is a minimum of sixty (60) years.

Rock Specification

In accordance with SANS 1200DK, the rock must be unweathered, and can be tested for its suitability using the accelerated weathering and durability tests. The rock size should meet the following requirements;

Gabion Baskets

Using 80x100mm hexagonal mesh
Min. 100mm up to 250mm maximum size

River Mattresses

Using 80x100mm hexagonal mesh
Min. 100mm up to 66% of mattress depth

A minimum rock density of 2.6ton/mA? is required a�� we allow 1.5tons of rock per mA? of gabion and approximately 30% more for wastage or fines depending on the quality of supply from the commercial rock source or quarry. Allowing 2tons of rock per m3 is normally adequate for Gabion Baskets installations.

Gabion Baskets

Gabion Baskets

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