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Sustainability is a new, emerging culture, responding to the compelling need to protect and restore our natural systems and their eco-system services, while providing for economic development and social equity. With climate change and population growth as key drivers, at no time in human history has there been such a need to change the way we do things.

We need a complete re-design of our cities, towns and communities, our houses and buildings, our methods of resource extraction and energy usage, our modes of production and transport, amongst many other areas. Great changes are occurring now, and you are encouraged to be part of the change.
We provide sustainability consulting with a focus upon the built environment. Broadly, we provide advice to clients in areas such as energy and water conservation, environmental conservation and planning, energy efficient building methods and building material

The news that Eskom has decided to increase its electricity tariffs substantially, each year by 25% for the next three years, has been greeted with justified alarm by South Africans in all sectors of society.
With new regulations on energy efficient building (SANS 10400-XA and SANS 204), standards the imperative requirements for ecologically aware building and design have become more than a moral issue. Worldwide, the issue of energy saving is top-of-mind and in many countries a norm that has been practiced and perfected for some years.
These regulations/standards stipulate the planning and design of buildings which includes aspects such as orientation, shading, window design, choice of building materials, solar heating, natural cooling and day lighting.

South African National Standards Energy Saving Building Regulations


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